Recruitment Services for Public Safety

National Testing Network’s (NTN) recruitment services are now available for all public safety agencies. We have taken proven strategies and best practices from our member driven NTN recruitment and test administration platform and developed stand alone recruitment plans for departments needing recruitment support. These plans are detailed in our pricing section.

Why NTN?

NTN has spent over 15 years building a diverse and national applicant pool through accessible testing and simplified hiring process steps. Our public safety focused job board currently attracts over 80,000 visitors monthly, generating an extensive network of over 45,000 applicants who have tested for one or more public safety jobs within the past year. This targeted audience helps departments reach job seekers already interested in, or actively engaged in, the hiring process for police, fire, corrections, communications, and transit disciplines.

Five Easy Steps to Great Candidates

  1. Create an account
  2. Create a 30-day job posting
  3. See your job posted on NTN's job board
  4. Self-manage your account
    • Renew as needed
    • Add other public safety jobs
  5. Increase your department’s exposure to candidates and build your applicant pool